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Zoho Social Overview

Zoho Social helps marketers in small to large organizations to grow the social media presence of their brand with actionable insights focused on content and engagement. Zoho Social provides marketers with pre-publishing insights based on the engagement level of previous posts and the activity of their audience. Even goes a step ahead to shows Businesses the percentage of their audience that’s likely to see their post now, suggests the next best time to post and lets them schedule a post to go out at the same time of the day in different time-zones.

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Efficient scheduling for time-saving convenience! Arrange your posts to coincide with your audience’s peak activity periods. Select from our optimized timing suggestions or craft your own posting timetable for maximum impact.

Get the content calendar you’ve been dreaming of! Map out your content pipeline effortlessly with an intuitive publishing calendar, enabling you to arrange your posts according to your preferences. Distribute your content strategically over time to ensure your audience is engaged consistently, guaranteeing there’s always something exciting for them.



A sticky monitoring dashboard keeps you connected with multiple listening columns, ensuring you’re always in tune with relevant conversations. Respond instantly and interact with your audience at your preferred frequency, staying engaged in real-time.

Access top-tier social analytics to grasp your audience demographics and their interaction patterns across social media platforms. Utilize pre-designed reports or customize new ones tailored to your specific statistical preferences.


Key Features

What is Zoho Social used for?

Zoho Social is a robust platform designed to streamline and enhance social media management for businesses and professionals alike. At its core, Zoho Social serves as a comprehensive tool for tracking social engagement and notifications across various social media channels.

One of its primary functionalities is providing users with a real-time stream of updates from their audience across all linked social media platforms. This real-time stream allows users to stay up-to-date with the latest interactions, comments, and mentions from their followers and fans, enabling swift responses and engagement strategies.

Moreover, Zoho Social offers valuable insights into audience engagement patterns and behaviors. Users can analyze the frequency and types of engagements their content receives, gaining actionable insights to refine their social media strategies. Additionally, Zoho Social provides users with a snapshot of their audience’s profiles, allowing for a deeper understanding of their demographics, interests, and preferences.

By centralizing social media management tasks within one platform, Zoho Social enables users to efficiently monitor, respond to, and interact with their audience across multiple social media channels. This consolidation of tools and data simplifies workflows, saves time, and enhances overall productivity for businesses and professionals seeking to establish a strong social media presence and drive meaningful engagement with their target audience.

Why Businesses choose Zoho Social ?

What are the key features of a social media management system?

1. Effortless Scheduling: Opt for a social media management system that simplifies planning, scheduling, and publishing content, offering advanced tools to identify optimal posting times based on audience activity.

2.Comprehensive Monitoring: Choose a platform that facilitates monitoring of essential keywords, brand hashtags, and product reviews. It should also enable lead generation and provide insights into brand mentions across social media channels.

3. Robust Analytics: Look for a system equipped with comprehensive analytics capabilities, including customizable reports and detailed metrics such as page views, clicks, shares, and audience feedback. These insights are crucial for refining content strategy and understanding audience preferences.

4.Collaboration Features: Seek collaboration tools that enable seamless teamwork, allowing teams to brainstorm ideas, evaluate post performance, discuss reports, and coordinate responses to audience engagement.

5. Integration Capabilities: Prioritize solutions that seamlessly integrate with other platforms, enabling automation and data transfer. Integration with sales and customer service teams enhances support capabilities, streamlines lead generation, and facilitates smoother customer interactions, including converting social media inquiries into support tickets and accessing relevant CRM data to accelerate sales processes.

What is Zoho Social? What social media platforms does Zoho Social support?

Zoho Social serves as a comprehensive social media management solution tailored for businesses and agencies aiming to enhance their online presence. Through its unified interface, Zoho Social facilitates seamless posting, scheduling, monitoring, and performance tracking across various social media platforms, including:

X (previously Twitter)
– Instagram
– Facebook
– Google My Business
– LinkedIn
– YouTube
– Pinterest
– TikTok

By leveraging Zoho Social, users can efficiently manage their social media activities across multiple platforms, ensuring consistent engagement and growth across diverse audience bases.

What makes Zoho Social stand out from its competition?

Zoho Social stands out as a comprehensive social media management solution, offering distinctive features tailored to empower businesses and agencies in expanding their online presence:

1. Advanced Scheduling Tools: Utilize SmartQ predictions to determine optimal posting times, ensuring maximum audience engagement when they are most active.

2. Social Monitoring: Leverage our social monitor to track key phrases, brand hashtags, and product reviews, enabling efficient lead generation and real-time brand reputation management.

3. Custom Queues: Create tailored publishing schedules with Custom Queues, assigning unique time-slots for each day of the week to prevent scheduling conflicts and streamline team workflows.

4. Intuitive Brand Health Dashboard: Gain valuable insights into audience engagement and traffic sources through our intuitive dashboard. Analyze engagement rates, traffic origins, and click distribution across social profiles to optimize content effectiveness.

5. Seamless Integrations: Benefit from seamless integrations with Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, and Canva to accelerate lead generation, expedite deal closures, and enhance customer support. Convert social updates into tickets for faster issue resolution and effortlessly create visually appealing designs with Canva integration.