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Zoho Campaign Overview

Zoho Campaign is an email marketing and marketing automation platform. It is designed to help businesses create, send, and track email campaigns, as well as Automate Marketing Workflows. Dynamic Content in Zoho Campaigns helps Businesses to target leads and customers. Businesses can also design impressive emails with the help of pre-designed templates to avoid creating email campaigns from scratch.


Contact management

Easily bring in contacts from various origins, such as CRM systems and integrated apps, to effectively manage, categorize, monitor, and cultivate them. Additionally, expand your contact list using pre-designed signup forms and promptly interact with them to foster engagement.

  • Topics:Organize your contacts into distinct categories corresponding to their interests and preferences, allowing you to tailor email campaigns accordingly. By sending relevant emails to each contact group, you enhance open and click-through rates, ultimately boosting the deliverability of your future emails.
  • Segmentation: Efficiently manage your contact database by segmenting it into smaller, targeted groups. This approach ensures that your email campaigns reach the appropriate audience segments, enhancing their effectiveness.


Create visually appealing newsletters and engage with your audience seamlessly. Explore our diverse template gallery, import personalized HTML templates, or modify basic layouts to craft eye-catching newsletters that leave a lasting impression.

  • Pre-designed templates :Choose from our extensive range of templates tailored for every occasion, allowing you to swiftly create your newsletter with ease.
  • Drag-and-drop editor:With the email template editor, you have the flexibility to personalize the appearance of your email campaigns to your liking. Incorporate images, text boxes, social buttons, and other elements to create a customized and visually appealing design.


  • Dynamic content:Tailoring your email content dynamically is key to enhancing engagement and conversion rates. Adjust your email content to resonate on a personal level with each recipient, thereby optimizing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  • Merge tags: Personalized emails yield better outcomes compared to generic content. Merge tags enable a more human touch, fostering stronger connections with your audience.
  • Optimize your send time: Enhance your email open rates by scheduling them at the ideal time for each recipient. Utilize features like recipient-specific optimal open time or delivery based on time zones to maximize engagement.
  • A/B testing: Conduct A/B testing by sending two versions of your campaign to a subset of your contacts, then deploy the more successful version to the remaining contacts. This strategy enhances open and click-through rates, optimizing campaign performance.


Automate messages based on your recipients’ engagement with your campaigns. Whether it’s for onboarding, lead nurturing, or customer engagement, simply establish the conditions, and automation handles the rest of the process seamlessly.


Handle your e-commerce platform’s correspondence through Zoho Campaigns by establishing automated emails for sales promotions, post-purchase follow-ups, customer feedback requests, abandoned cart reminders, and other related communications.


Monitor your campaign effectiveness by accessing user-friendly reports within Zoho Campaigns. These reports offer insights into key metrics such as clicks, opens, unsubscribes, bounces, and more. Additionally, track recipient locations through geo-location reports and gauge email viewing trends between computers and mobile devices.


Given that mobile communication is currently the most favored method, leverage Zoho Campaigns’ gateway or integrate with a third-party SMS application to send text messages to your contacts. Seamlessly manage both email and SMS communications through a single platform with Zoho Campaigns.

Mobile app

Don’t postpone your email marketing efforts until you’re back at your desk. With the Zoho Campaigns mobile app, you can create email campaigns using pre-designed templates, send or schedule them, and monitor or share reports from anywhere, at any time.

Key Features

Why Businesses choose Zoho Campaign?

What's the difference between Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Marketing Automation?

Zoho Campaigns serves as a dedicated platform tailored specifically for email marketing endeavors. Users can import and oversee their email database comprising leads and contacts, facilitating the dissemination of marketing emails to targeted audiences. On the other hand, Zoho Marketing Automation offers a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the lead management process. It enables users to capture leads directly from their website and subsequently nurture these leads across various channels including email, SMS, and social media platforms. The overarching objective of Zoho Marketing Automation is to facilitate seamless lead conversion through efficient nurturing strategies.

In essence, while Zoho Campaigns primarily focuses on email marketing tasks, Zoho Marketing Automation provides a holistic marketing automation solution. It acts as a centralized hub where users can orchestrate and automate diverse marketing activities beyond email campaigns. By leveraging Zoho Marketing Automation, businesses can streamline their marketing efforts, enhance lead engagement, and optimize conversion rates across multiple channels.

How does Zoho Campaigns help in my email marketing efforts?

Zoho Campaigns is meticulously crafted to streamline every facet of your email marketing endeavors. Its functionality spans across various stages, offering seamless solutions for importing, exporting, and organically expanding your mailing lists. With a plethora of customizable, pre-designed email templates at your disposal, crafting engaging content becomes a swift and effortless process. Moreover, the platform’s intelligent scheduling capabilities empower you to precisely time the delivery of your emails, ensuring optimal engagement with your recipients.

What sets Zoho Campaigns apart is its robust automation features, which enable you to orchestrate your entire email marketing strategy with ease. Through intuitive workflows, users can automate repetitive tasks by simply dragging and dropping pre-configured components to match their specific requirements. Whether defining the content or scheduling the send time, the process is streamlined and user-friendly, allowing you to focus on crafting compelling campaigns while the platform handles the rest.

In essence, Zoho Campaigns serves as a comprehensive solution that not only simplifies the execution of email marketing campaigns but also empowers businesses to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in their marketing efforts. With its array of features and intuitive interface, Zoho Campaigns equips users with the tools they need to drive engagement, nurture leads, and achieve their marketing objectives seamlessly.

Can I tie my email marketing and sales together using Zoho Campaigns?

Absolutely, Zoho Campaigns provides seamless integration with various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, including Zoho CRM, Bigin by Zoho CRM, HubSpot, Salesforce, MS Dynamics 365, and Sugar CRM. This integration bridges the gap between email marketing and sales activities, facilitating a cohesive approach to customer engagement and lead nurturing.

By synchronizing Zoho Campaigns with your CRM system, you can leverage the combined power of email marketing and sales management tools. This integration enables you to access valuable customer insights and data from your CRM directly within the email marketing platform. As a result, you can create more targeted and personalized email campaigns based on customer behavior, preferences, and interactions.

Furthermore, the integration allows for seamless lead management and tracking, ensuring that leads generated through email campaigns are efficiently transferred to the sales team for follow-up. Sales representatives can access comprehensive information about leads and their engagement history, enabling more informed and effective sales conversations.

Overall, the integration between Zoho Campaigns and CRM platforms empowers businesses to align their email marketing efforts with sales objectives. It enables a unified approach to customer relationship management, driving better collaboration between marketing and sales teams, enhancing lead conversion rates, and ultimately fostering long-term customer relationships.

Are emails sent through Zoho Campaigns responsive?

Indeed, emails dispatched via Zoho Campaigns boast responsive design features. The newsletter templates within the platform are meticulously crafted to adapt dynamically to varying display sizes across different devices. This responsiveness ensures that the content of the emails is optimally rendered and visually appealing regardless of whether recipients view them on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

By leveraging responsive design principles, Zoho Campaigns ensures that the layout, formatting, and elements within the email templates adjust seamlessly to fit the screen size and resolution of the recipient’s device. This adaptability enhances the user experience by eliminating the need for manual resizing or scrolling, thereby maximizing engagement and readability.

Moreover, responsive emails contribute to higher deliverability and open rates as they cater to the preferences and browsing habits of modern consumers who increasingly access emails on mobile devices. With Zoho Campaigns’ responsive templates, businesses can deliver compelling and visually striking email campaigns that leave a lasting impression on recipients, regardless of the device they use to access their inbox.

Overall, the responsive nature of emails sent through Zoho Campaigns underscores the platform’s commitment to delivering impactful and user-friendly email marketing experiences. Whether viewed on a desktop or a mobile device, recipients can enjoy a seamless and visually engaging interaction with the content, ultimately driving higher engagement, conversion, and retention rates for businesses.