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Zoho Forms Overview

Simplify data collection with online forms. Create forms, share them online, receive instant alerts, and efficiently manage your data with Zoho’s integrated apps. With Zoho’s seamless integration, Zoho Forms is a reliable front-end data collection system that works with various applications to fuel all kinds of businesses.

  • Create visually appealing forms with a no-code online form builder- Craft stunning forms effortlessly with our intuitive no-code online form builder. Our comprehensive tool empowers you to design visually captivating and fully functional forms with ease. Explore a plethora of customizable themes and specialized templates tailored to various scenarios. Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience throughout the form creation process.
  • Collect data from a range of sources- Enhance interaction with your website visitors by seamlessly embedding secure online forms directly into your webpages. Share these forms effortlessly on social media platforms or distribute them through targeted email campaigns to reach your desired audience. Whether you aim to engage a broad spectrum of users or maintain privacy within a specific organization, our platform offers flexible sharing options to suit your needs. From public-facing forms to exclusive internal surveys, our solution ensures seamless integration and secure data collection for enhanced engagement.
  • Stay informed with instant notifications – Activate conditional email or SMS notifications whenever a new entry is submitted or modified. Include attachments to ensure all stakeholders stay informed and engaged. Stay updated in real-time through chat platforms, fostering seamless team collaboration. With our system, effortlessly manage communication and keep everyone in the loop, ensuring efficient workflow and timely responses.

  • View, analyze, and optimize data –  Effortlessly organize and review form submissions, export them as spreadsheets, or seamlessly integrate the data with your preferred applications. Utilize our free online form creator to implement UTM tracking and form analytics, enabling you to evaluate and enhance your form’s effectiveness for improved conversion rates. Gain insights into user behavior and optimize your forms to maximize engagement and achieve better results.

Leverage our extensive library of 30+ field types, both free and premium, to tailor your forms to your exact requirements. Whether you need to gather feedback, process orders, or conduct surveys, we have the perfect field types to suit your needs. Start building your dream forms today, effortlessly and without any coding knowledge.


What are Zoho Forms used for?

Zoho Forms is an online tool for creating all sorts of forms to collect information. Think of online applications, feedback surveys, event registrations, and even order forms. It allows you to design professional-looking forms with ease, making data collection efficient.

Is Zoho Forms free?

Yes, Zoho Forms offers a free plan that lets you create basic forms with limited features. However, for more advanced options like payment integrations or conditional logic, you’ll need a paid plan.

What’s the difference between a survey and Zoho Forms?

Surveys are specifically designed to gather opinions and feedback, often with multiple-choice or rating scales. Zoho Forms, while great for surveys, is broader. It can handle any data collection scenario, from simple contact forms to complex applications with file uploads.

How do I get Zoho Forms?

Head over to Zoho Forms’ website and sign up for a free account. You can start creating forms right away! They also have a mobile app for on-the-go form building and data collection.

Key Features

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