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Zoho Sites Overview

Zoho Sites is not only a SaaS-based website builder but also hosting platforms that help businesses of all sizes to create stunning and professionally designed websites without any prior coding experience. It provides an intuitive drag & drop editor, plenty of free, wonderfully designed templates, powerful and seamless integrations, and more to help users create their website and grow their business effortlessly.

Zoho sites is ideal for small and medium businesses, web designers, marketers, site owners, photographer’s bloggers, and entrepreneurs looking to boost their online presence.

Do more thanks to seamless integration with other Zoho Products:

  1. Capture leads and manage visitor information effectively with Zoho CRM.
  2. Get live information about visitors and provide chat support using Zoho Sales IQ.
  3. Link your Zoho Campaigns account to your lead-generating website to send newsletters with ease.
  4. Understand your visitors’ behaviour with Marketing Automation.
  5. Observe your visitor’s behaviour and optimize your site with Zoho PageSense and much more.

Build websites just the way you like


Easily create the website of your dreams.

  • Drag-and-drop Builder
  • Elements
  • Sections
  • Shapers
  • Dynamic Backgrounds


Get creative and personalize your website just the way you like.

  • Custom class names
  • Responsive Templates
  • Auto-save
  • Visual Editor
  • Page Versions
  • Message Bar
  • Custom domain name
  • Logo and Favicon


Attract visitors with fascinating visuals and multimedia. Create a website so good, your visitors won’t want to leave.

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Code snippet
  • Photosets
  • Light Box
  • Animation


Bring more to the table by interacting with your community to the job done.

  • Contributors
  • Member portal
  • Access restriction


Get visitors involved in your most recent activities.

  • Blogs
  • Comment Boxes
  • Forms
  • Zoho Integrations


Get found instantly and catch your users attention.

  • SEO
  • Traffic analytics
  • Sitemap


Rest assured as security is our top priority

  • Hosting
  • SSL
  • Password protected site
  • GDPR Compliant


Spread the word, let your message be heard.

  • Social Share
  • Auto-Publish
  • Social Profiles

What are Zoho Sites used for?

Zoho Sites serves as a versatile platform for businesses to craft professional and engaging websites effortlessly. With the recent launch of Zoho Sites 2.0, a standout feature called Subsites has been introduced, empowering businesses to create micro-sites with unparalleled ease. Subsites offer a strategic advantage by allowing companies to tailor content specifically to different segments of their audience, thereby enhancing visitor engagement. This segmentation not only fosters a deeper connection with visitors but also amplifies the benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ensuring higher visibility and improved online presence. Moreover, Subsites contribute significantly to enhancing user experience by delivering targeted content that resonates with the preferences and interests of diverse user groups.

In addition to bolstering engagement and SEO, Subsites play a crucial role in maintaining brand consistency across various digital touchpoints. By enabling businesses to create micro-sites effortlessly, Zoho Sites ensures that each web presence aligns seamlessly with the overarching brand identity, reinforcing brand recognition and credibility. Overall, Zoho Sites emerges as an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to establish a strong online presence, drive engagement, and elevate their brand image in the digital landscape.

What is the difference between Zoho Sites and Zoho commerce?

Zoho Sites and Zoho Commerce cater to distinct but complementary aspects of online presence and business operations. Zoho Sites serves as a versatile website-building platform tailored for businesses, brands, and organizations to establish their digital footprint effectively. It provides intuitive tools and customizable templates to create visually appealing and functional websites that represent the essence of the brand and engage visitors effectively.

On the other hand, Zoho Commerce specializes in facilitating the creation of eCommerce websites. Unlike traditional websites built on Zoho Sites, eCommerce websites built with Zoho Commerce are specifically designed to enable online transactions. They feature robust storefronts, integrated payment gateways, and inventory management systems, allowing businesses to showcase and sell products directly to customers through their websites.

While Zoho Sites focuses on creating a compelling online presence and fostering engagement, Zoho Commerce empowers businesses to monetize their digital presence by facilitating seamless online transactions. Together, these platforms offer a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence, engage customers effectively, and drive revenue through eCommerce capabilities.

Key Features

Why Businesses choose Zoho Sites?