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Zoho People Overview

Deliver exceptional employee experiences

Zoho People is an online Human Resource Management System designed to manage and access all your employee data from a centralized location. To get started, all you need is a device with an internet connection and a Zoho account. There is no software installation required. With its wide spectrum of modules, Zoho People is an apt fit for companies of various sizes.

zoho people

Effortlessly manage your global employee data

zoho people

Features, tailor-made for your people

Manage data efficiently

Optimize your data management with our employee database system. Simplify your data collection and ensure secure storage by organizing and maintaining all employee records in a single, centralized location.

  • Tailor and develop your organization

Software should operate in a manner that aligns with your distinct needs. Our employee management software allows you to design and manage a database that caters to your specific preferences.

  • Secure Employee Database Management

Our motto is seamless and secure. We prioritize the privacy of your business and employee data above all else. Here’s how we ensure security:

  1. Secure Password Management with Zoho Vault
    Managing and sharing passwords for your employees can be challenging and susceptible to security risks. Zoho Vault simplifies this process by allowing you to effortlessly generate complex passwords and share them securely. You can also implement a custom password policy and enable employees to change their passwords as needed.
  2. Protected Access to Employee Information
    Adhering to data security and privacy protocols is vital for maintaining your business reputation. Zoho People offers field-level access controls, encryption, and other robust security measures. Assign access to employee information based on specific job roles and responsibilities.
  • An Integrated Ecosystem

For a seamless experience, your data needs to interact efficiently. This requires a connected approach that enhances the flow and visibility of your business information. Here’s how Zoho People facilitates this:

  1. Maintain Robust Data Synchronization and Integrity : Zoho People ensures seamless data synchronization within and across various integrated systems. All updates are precisely and automatically recorded, guaranteeing you always have the most current information.
  2. Employee Self-Service: Collecting employee details in compliance with organizational or local regulations is essential. Customize forms with specific fields and permissions, allowing employees to add or update their information. This reduces errors, redundancy, and administrative workload.

Streamlined HR Management

Zoho People offers comprehensive tools to keep your HR staff and employees efficient, current, and productive, even while on the move.

  • Onboarding
    Implement a structured onboarding process for new hires. Kick off onboarding with a dedicated new hire portal, customizable workflows, checklists, and status-view reports.
  • Attendance Tracking
    Establish your organization’s working hours, monitor employee attendance, and ensure a stress-free payday.
  • Leave Tracking
    Managing employee absences involves various tasks, including handling leave policies, compliance, holidays, and accruals. Utilize our Leave Tracker to centralize all your employees’ leave records.
  • Time Management
    Easily manage your time by adding clients, breaking down projects into smaller tasks, and recording hours in a timesheet. Invoicing projects becomes effortless with Zoho People’s seamless integration with Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, and Quickbooks.
  • Managing Shift Schedules
    Handling shift schedules can be a significant challenge. Zoho People simplifies this process by enabling you to create shifts, perform periodic rotations, swap shifts effortlessly, and much more.

Enhance Performance Evaluations

Revamp your review process to witness positive improvements in employee performance. Foster ongoing feedback exchange throughout the year, utilize evaluation modules such as KRA and Goals, and tailor your appraisal cycle to suit your needs.

  • Monitor Performance with Precise Metrics
    Evaluating an employee’s capabilities depends on various critical pieces of information, such as completed goals and competencies. Zoho People offers comprehensive data to assist you in assessing every aspect of an employee’s performance accurately.
  1. KRAs and goals : Assigning goals to your employees provides them with tangible objectives to aim for, enhancing both flexibility and accountability. With Zoho People, establish goals and track the progress of each team member towards achieving the key results.

  2. Skill sets: Employees evolve and advance within their roles. Zoho People facilitates skill enhancement for employees and simplifies the process of identifying the most proficient individuals for specific projects, eliminating the need for tedious searches.

  3. Competency: Assigning goals to your employees provides them with clear objectives to work towards, fostering both flexibility and accountability. Utilize Zoho People to establish goals and track the progress of each team member towards achieving these key results.

Reviewing and acknowledging contributions

Once you have this data, the next step is determining how to leverage it. Zoho People’s performance module empowers you to utilize these metrics to create a more comprehensive and actionable overview of your workforce.

  • Efficient and Effective 360-Degree Feedback
    Annual reviews are no longer sufficient. Gathering feedback from peers is equally essential as receiving input from managers. Foster a culture of continuous feedback by encouraging employees to provide and receive peer reviews throughout the entire year.
  • Encourage Ongoing Reviews
    Consistent evaluations of individual performance enable managers to provide coaching and stay updated. Conduct monthly or quarterly reviews incorporating employee self-assessments and manager feedback. Incorporate this data into your annual appraisals to ensure important contributions or performance notes are not overlooked.
  • Effortless and Automated Performance Reviews
    Organizations should have the flexibility to conduct appraisals according to their specific preferences. Customize your appraisal process with timelines and procedures that suit your needs. Incorporating self-appraisals provides employees with insight into their work, while multi-rater reviews collect feedback from individuals they collaborate with directly. This approach helps mitigate manager bias and ensures appraisals are fair and meaningful.
  • Efficient Salary Increases
    We simplify and optimize the management of salary hikes! Define your budget and allocate a percentage for each team effortlessly.
  • Acknowledge and Appreciate Talent
    Employees who feel their efforts are acknowledged and valued are more likely to stay with the company. Our seamless integration with XoxoDay allows for easy rewards and recognition.

Unlock Insights

Visualize your employee data and harness the unique strengths of your workforce. With Zoho People’s extensive array of reports, accessing essential information is effortless and immediate.

  • Evaluate Talent Performance and Potential Using the 9-Box Matrix
    Gain precise insights into the potential and performance of individuals. Identify top-performers, individuals requiring additional training, and those who may seem disengaged. Strategize for the future and concentrate on areas requiring improvement.
  • Goals, Skill Sets, and Appraisal Reports
    Visualizing the metrics set for employee performance is invaluable. Zoho People generates informative reports to facilitate the review of employee goal attainment, skill development, and comparative appraisal ratings.

Corporate Learning Management System

Zoho People’s LMS offers an intuitive platform for seamless creation and management of your organization’s training programs. Enable course creation, monitor employee progress, and facilitate skill mastery for your team.

Facilitate Seamless Employee Training
Irrespective of your industry, cultivating highly skilled talent is crucial for staying competitive. This entails fostering a learning culture that accommodates various learning styles. Zoho People’s LMS facilitates:

  1. Self-paced Learning
    Empower employees to learn in a manner and at a speed that suits them best.
  2. Blended Learning
    Integrate various learning styles, including self-paced, virtual, and traditional classroom methods, to create a comprehensive learning experience.

End-to-end course customization

  1. Robust Course Builder
    Tailor courses to your specific learning requirements from scratch. Structure modules with a variety of content types such as videos, virtual sessions, downloadable materials, assignments, and tests to enrich the learning journey.
  2. Develop Learning Plans
    Learning is multifaceted for a diverse workforce. Our LMS assists in creating structured learning plans by assembling a sequence of courses across different levels tailored for specific departments, job roles, designations, or skills. Drive growth through purposeful learning pathways.
  3. Course Scheduling and Notifications
    Need to manage enrollments for a course? Efficiently schedule batches and oversee e-learning progress. Whether it’s enrollment updates, batch commencement, or any other event, notifications can be automatically triggered. The calendar displays start and end dates, session schedules, and other relevant details.

Create an engaging learning experience

  • Engaging Virtual Classroom
    Seamlessly integrate with Zoho Meeting for interactive virtual training sessions, connecting instructors and learners worldwide for live learning experiences. Experience the simplicity of e-learning firsthand.
  • Learner Assessment Tools
    Assessments not only gauge learning effectiveness but also keep learners engaged. With Zoho People, effortlessly administer online and offline tests. Customize assessments with timed questions or tests, set attempt limits, add your own questions, and foster a competitive learning environment—all seamlessly.
  • Interactive Discussions
    Enhance learning by fostering interaction. Our Learning Management System (LMS) facilitates connections between learners and trainers, promoting sharing, debating, analyzing, and deeper understanding of perspectives and concepts.
  • Enhance Course Quality
    Elevate course quality through valuable feedback and ratings provided by learners and managers regarding courses and trainers.
  • Manager’s Portal
    Managers play a pivotal role in shaping an employee’s learning journey. Zoho People’s LMS empowers managers to recommend and enroll learners in courses, monitor their progress, and offer valuable course feedback.
  • Seamless Integration of Training and Performance
    A tightly integrated e-learning platform with your performance system enhances the overall learning experience. Our LMS seamlessly communicates with Zoho People’s performance system, ensuring that upon course completion, the associated skillset scores are automatically updated.
  • Gain Insights into Your Training Programs
    Access a diverse range of reports to gain insight into your employee learning trends, course performance, top-rated trainers, high-performing employees, and more.
  • Mobile Learning
    Empower employees to access learning materials on the go, without being tied to their desks. Learners can conveniently access courses and participate in virtual sessions from anywhere, ensuring uninterrupted learning experiences.

Employee Support Hub

Simplify HR communication by providing employees with a streamlined mechanism to reach out to HR. With Zoho People, employees can initiate queries, while HR can efficiently organize, track, and resolve issues promptly and consistently.

  • Efficient Employee Case Management : Employee queries vary widely in nature. You require a tool that streamlines the management of these queries and facilitates employees in connecting with the appropriate expert. By delivering timely and accurate responses, you can significantly enhance the employee experience.
  • Build a direct line of communication: Avoid the chaos of back-and-forth emails, phone calls, or missed questions. Enable employees to seamlessly contact HR from wherever they are.

Foster Employee Engagement

As HR professionals, you understand the importance of creating a collaborative workplace environment for your employees’ success. Zoho People empowers employees to monitor not just their individual activities but also their teamwork, promoting collaboration and engagement.

  • Employee Self-Service
    Empower your employees by removing the need for intermediaries and granting them autonomy to access and manage their own records. With Zoho People, employees can update their information, request leave, submit approvals, and perform other tasks independently.
  • Workplace Feeds and Collaboration
    Keep abreast of all workplace activities through real-time feeds and notifications, akin to your preferred social media platform. Sharing ideas, initiating discussions, or making critical announcements has never been more effortless.

Document Management

From sending offer letters to updating policies, managing and sharing all your HR documents has never been easier or more efficient.

  • File Cabinet
    Utilize Zoho People’s File Cabinet to store all your documents securely in one central location. Easily sort, organize, and share files to ensure nothing gets lost in the shuffle.
  • E-signature Integration
    Streamline the signing and filing process for various documents by integrating Zoho People with leading e-signature solutions such as Zoho Sign, DocuSign, and Adobe Sign.

Tailor Your Workflows

Personalize Zoho People to align with your unique workflows through extensive customization of forms and workflows. Design the system that suits your industry and organizational requirements by configuring fields and tabs accordingly.

  • Smart Automation
    Streamline your daily tasks by automating them, allowing you to prioritize your focus on essential matters. Whether it’s automatic field updates or custom application creation for your business, we’ve got all your automation needs covered.
  • Tailored Forms
    Efficiently capture crucial HR data with precision. Utilize Zoho People’s intuitive drag-and-drop form builder to create customized forms, establish rules, and set validations, ensuring that only the relevant information is captured accurately.
  • Sophisticated Analytics
    Measure what matters to drive improvement. Collect insightful data about your workforce to pinpoint bottlenecks and make well-informed decisions.
  • Smooth Integrations
    Zoho People seamlessly integrates with various Zoho and third-party applications. Why juggle between multiple apps when your systems can communicate effortlessly?
  • User Access Control
    Zoho People enables you to designate which members of your organization can view or edit specific documents, modules, or locations. Utilize IP and Geo-tracking to validate employee check-ins and time logs seamlessly.

What are Zoho people used for?

Zoho People stands as a cornerstone in the realm of Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), offering an intuitive online platform that streamlines the management and accessibility of vital employee data from a singular, centralized location. This innovative solution redefines the way businesses handle their HR processes, providing seamless access and control over critical personnel information with just an internet-enabled device and a Zoho account.

At its core, Zoho People serves as a comprehensive tool for organizations of all sizes, facilitating the efficient handling of various HR tasks such as employee onboarding, attendance tracking, performance evaluation, leave management, and much more. By digitizing these essential functions, Zoho People eliminates the need for cumbersome manual processes, fostering a more agile and responsive HR environment.

One of the primary functions of Zoho People is to streamline the employee onboarding process. Through customizable workflows and automated notifications, it ensures a smooth transition for new hires, from document submissions to training schedules, thus enhancing the overall onboarding experience and accelerating time-to-productivity.

Moreover, Zoho People simplifies attendance tracking by offering multiple options for recording employee attendance, including biometric systems, web check-ins, and mobile apps. This comprehensive approach not only ensures accurate attendance records but also facilitates better workforce management and scheduling optimization.

Another key feature of Zoho People is its robust leave management system, which allows employees to request time off, view their leave balances, and track the status of their requests in real-time. This functionality not only promotes transparency and accountability but also empowers employees with greater control over their work-life balance.

Furthermore, Zoho People enables organizations to streamline performance evaluation processes by providing customizable appraisal forms, goal setting tools, and performance dashboards. By centralizing performance data and automating evaluation workflows, it fosters a culture of continuous feedback and development within the workforce.

In essence, Zoho People transcends the traditional boundaries of HR management, offering a dynamic and scalable solution that empowers organizations to optimize their human capital management strategies effectively. Whether it’s enhancing employee engagement, streamlining administrative tasks, or driving organizational growth, Zoho People emerges as a pivotal tool in the modern HR landscape, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their most valuable asset—their people.

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