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Zoho Payroll Overview

Payroll Software for UAE, Crafted by Zoho

Zoho Payroll is a comprehensive cloud-based payroll software tailored to assist businesses of varying sizes in streamlining their administrative tasks. This platform centralizes essential processes such as employee onboarding, compliance management, gratuity settlements, and the distribution of pay slips. With Zoho Payroll, administrators have the ability to set up allowances and reimbursements for their employees efficiently. Additionally, the software facilitates timely reminders for critical tasks like income tax submissions, investment proofs, and declarations, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

Zoho Payroll simplifies the complexity of payroll management by offering a centralized platform that integrates various administrative functions. The software is designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses, whether small or large, by providing tools that manage employee data from onboarding to offboarding. It helps in configuring specific allowances and reimbursements according to company policies, ensuring that all employee compensations are handled correctly and transparently.

The platform also emphasizes compliance, keeping businesses aligned with statutory requirements and reducing the risk of legal complications. Automated reminders for important deadlines, such as tax payments and investment declarations, help administrators stay ahead of their obligations, promoting timely and accurate submissions.

By leveraging Zoho Payroll, businesses can enhance their payroll operations, improve efficiency, and ensure that all employee-related financial processes are managed seamlessly. This robust payroll solution not only streamlines administrative tasks but also supports the overall operational efficiency of a business by providing a reliable, user-friendly interface for managing payroll functions.

Features to help you do payroll better.

  • Employee onboarding : Streamline the onboarding process into four straightforward steps, allowing you to dedicate your employees’ first day to meeting their mentors, supervisors, and colleagues.
  • Templates for Salary: Enhance the onboarding process with templates customized for each department and job role.
  • Exit management and termination: We handle your employees’ exit process by notifying them and automatically emailing their pay slips.
  • Opening balance: Maintain a record of outstanding employee loans issued through your previous payroll system.
  • Informative Dashboard: Access upcoming pay runs, to-do lists, and status updates conveniently from a single dashboard.
  • Single click payroll process: Execute payroll for your entire workforce with just one click.
  • Pay schedule: Select your preferred pay date in accordance with your organization’s policy to establish and standardize your pay schedule.
  • Payroll review: Accidentally approved too early? With Zoho Payroll, you can easily undo your processed pay run and restart the payroll process effortlessly.
  • Selective payments: Dynamically categorize, choose, and compensate employees, recording transactions in various ledgers of your preference.
  • Bonus payroll: Has your business reached unprecedented levels of profitability? Recognize your employees’ contributions by rewarding them with bonuses and commissions through one-time payouts.
  • Salary revision: Ensure that the revised salary automatically takes effect each month without the need for manual calculations of pro-rata amounts for each employee.
  • Automated Loan Deductions: Effortlessly automate the deduction of employee loan EMIs from their pay with just a few clicks.
  • Withhold salary: Easily halt and resume the disbursement of your employees’ salaries with just a click.
  • New Joinee arrear: Compensate your new employees on a pro-rata basis until they are integrated into the standard pay cycle.
  • Prior-payroll: Seamlessly transfer your historical payroll information from other software or spreadsheets, ensuring smooth transitions to new payroll software mid-year.
  • Comparison Report: Utilize pre-built reports to compare your payroll data, analyzing it component by component or employee by employee, to assess your monthly payroll expenditure.
  • Automated notifications:Receive customized notifications regarding upcoming pay runs, expiring employee documents, or confirmations, ensuring timely alerts for appropriate actions through Zoho Payroll.
  • Email templates: Customize email templates to imbue automated messages with a personal touch, whether you’re notifying employees of their payment or inviting them to access their self-service portal.
  • Work location:Establish multiple work locations to effectively manage your distributed workforce and seamlessly track payroll across various locations.
  • Users and roles: Extend invitations to your qualified staff members to manage payroll processing, all the while retaining control through finely-tailored user roles and permissions.
  • Bulk import/export: Efficiently migrate your current payroll data stored in spreadsheets all at once through bulk import/export functionality.
  • Email templates: Customize email templates for user invites, payslip notifications, or employee invitations to add a personal touch without requiring individual effort.
  • Social security: Effortlessly recruit, oversee, and compensate individuals throughout the UAE with our assistance in automatically contributing to pension schemes.
  • Gratuity: Recognize your dedicated long-serving staff by providing timely end-of-service benefits as their tenure concludes.
  • WPS: Ensure punctual salary disbursement every time with automatically generated SIF files that adhere to WPS compliance standards.
  • Overtime: Recognize the sincere efforts of employees by compensating them with the deserved overtime pay.
  • Payroll expenses summary: Monitor your organization’s payroll expenses efficiently with our summary report, providing total costs at a single click.
  • Employee salary register: Access detailed records of every employee’s compensation, including hours worked, bonuses, overtime allowances, social security, and insurance, for a timeframe of your selection.
  • Social security summary: Easily access a comprehensive summary of social security contributions for employees working across the UAE, including both employer and employee contributions, with just one click.
  • Payroll journal summary: Zoho Payroll streamlines the process by automatically generating and organizing payroll journal entries into a concise, structured summary.
  • Gratuity summary: Stay informed about your gratuity payout obligations and expatriate contributions with a comprehensive summary.
  • Export reports: Export data from any generated report into various formats, enabling deeper analysis and insights for the timeframe you select.
  • Access personal, salary, annual, and payment details conveniently in a unified location.
  • Download payslips and access payroll information anytime, anywhere with the mobile app.
  • Receive automated alerts for documents nearing expiration dates.
  • Get instant notifications upon processing employee salaries.
  • Monitor borrowed loans and repayment summaries seamlessly
  • Engage in real-time communication with payroll administrators for clarifications.
  • Disseminate organization-wide announcements directly within the portal.
  • Custom fields: Gather supplementary details about your employees that could enhance your payroll operations.
  • Custom salary components: Tailor compensation structures to your organization’s policies by incorporating custom earnings or deductions.
  • Custom users and roles: Offer a unified interface while delineating distinct roles for each department, thereby preventing unauthorized access.
  • Custom alerts and reminders: Remain organized with essential payroll duties by configuring personalized alerts and reminders.
  • Payroll accounting: Automate the posting of journal entries immediately after each pay run is finalized for seamless payroll accounting.
  • Business reimbursements: Facilitate the reimbursement of employees’ business expenses concurrently with the pay run process.
  • HRMS integration: Sync employee profiles, overtime, and leave/attendance data seamlessly as Loss of Pay (LOP) from Zoho People with HRMS integration.

Key Features

Why Businesses choose Zoho Payroll?